The fortressThe town of Svilengrad is situated on the banks of Maritsa River, in the southernmost part of Bulgaria, just next to the frontiers with Greece and Turkey. It is 67 km away from the town of Haskovo, 150 km from the town of Plovdiv and 300 km away from the capital Sofia.
To the northeast the Svilengrad Munisipality reaches the Sakar mountain and to the southuest-the Rhodopes.

Svilengrad is formed on the ruins of a Thracian settlement. In thevicinity of the town was built the late-antiquity Bourdipta roadside station, through which the Roman road from Philippopolis (Plovdiv) to Adrianople (Odrin) passed.
The symbol of Svilengrad is the ancient Bridge, built in 1529. It is an unigue outfit for its time.And in nowadays the Bridge over Maritza River is one of the most remarkable monuments in southeastern Europe.It dates from the Ottoman rule. The Thracian cemetery near the village of Mezek, the Medieval Bulgarian necropolis in Svilengrad, the rocky churches near the villages of Mihalich and Matochina and the Medieval fortress in the location of Kaleto are places of interest in Svilengrad municipality.
Svilengrad is a charming town, attracting with its historical sights, crystal clean air and beautiful nature.